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Sand Mixes

Acme Materials produces a wide variety of golf and sports turf products, serving markets in Illinois and Iowa for 40 years. At Acme Materials, we take great pride in producing top dressing, sand bunker, and root zone materials to strict specifications. We work closely with architects, testing labs, golf course superintendents, and sports field managers to provide products that meet your exact specifications. 

Acme Materials uses a finely screened peat product with high  humate concentrations, as well as a low carbon to nitrogen ratio. The average Ph level is between 3.9 – 5.0. Mixes with peat range from 5-40% peat in the finished product. Acme Materials uses compost from a local municipality that is composed of year trimmings and bio-solids which are converted using a high technology aerated static pile composting system.

This system destroys weed seeds and pathogenic, or disease causing, organisms. The finished product is double screened, providing a fine, high quality product suitable for most turf grass needs. Material mixed with sand for divot mix, goes through one more screening process which produces a fine uniform product that mixes well with our sand. The Ph of the compost material averages 6.9 – 7.3. Mixes with compost range from 30-50% compost in the finished product.

Acme Materials has the ability to blend other soil amendments, multiple color options, and various types of seed to bulk products and divot mixes.

For larger blending projects, Acme Materials offers customized on-site blending. This process places finished product on site, eliminating the possibility of contamination after the product is blended.


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